What’s Disrupting Business Communication? Your Students Are Holding It in Their Hands

The great challenge of teaching a contemporary business communication course is helping students develop solid communication skills that are compatible with today’s business needs.

Writing, speaking, and listening skills are as vital as ever, but those skills have to be put to use in an environment that has been disrupted by waves of game-changing technologies in recent years.

One of the most disruptive changes to ever hit the field of business communication is taking place right now—and in fact, your students are probably holding it in their hands this minute.

That change is mobile communication, and forward-thinking companies are adopting mobile because it helps them work more productively and forge closer bonds with stakeholders.

Many companies find a need to embrace mobile for the simple reason that their customers and employees already have. You can’t communicate with people if you can’t connect with them, and that connection is increasingly made by way of mobile.

And, keep in mind that only Bovee and Thill’s business communication textbooks cover mobile business communication.

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