How You Should Prepare Students for the Mobile Shift in Business Communication

With mobile devices becoming mainstream in business communication, the challenge for those of us in education is to help students adapt their writing skills to this exciting but demanding new format.
The latest editions of Bovée and Thill’s business communication textbooks offer extensive coverage of mobile communication, with numerous features to help you and your students.
Mobile devices are becoming deeply integrated in business, and it’s essential for students to get a current view of professional communication practices.
Only our textbooks offer the in-depth coverage of mobile concepts and hands-on activities that will help students adapt their personal use of mobile devices to the unique requirements of business communication. Major additions include
The Mobile Revolution
The Rise of Mobile as a Communication Platform
How Mobile Technologies Are Changing Business Communication
Collaboration via Mobile Devices Business Etiquette Using Mobile Devices
The Unique Challenges of Communication on Mobile Devices
Writing Messages for Mobile Devices
Designing Messages for Mobile Devices
Optimizing Content for Mobile Devices
Visual Media on Mobile Devices
Creating Promotional Messages for Mobile Devices
Research on the Go with Mobile Devices
Integrating Mobile Devices in Presentations
Job Search Strategies: Maximize Your Mobile
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