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What’s Disrupting Business Communication? Your Students Are Holding It in Their Hands

The great challenge of teaching a contemporary business communication course is helping students develop solid communication skills that are compatible with today’s business needs. Writing, speaking, and listening skills are as vital as ever, but those skills have to be put to use in an environment that has been disrupted by waves of game-changing technologies […]

Can Your Students Write Professionally for Mobile Audiences?

As mobile devices go mainstream in business communication, they create new writing challenges for professionals at all levels. The need to write clear and compelling messages is as strong as ever, but now these messages need to be crafted for an increasingly mobile audience. The latest editions from Bovée and Thill are the first major […]

Business Communication: Do Your Visuals Tell the Truth?

This video is appropriate if you teach visuaolization in business communication. Visual media have become a central element in business communication, and all business professionals have a responsibility to apply ethical decision making to the visuals they create, whether it’s a simple bar graph, a photo, a technical diagram, or the design of a web […]