Changing Business Communication Texts? Use the Fast and Easy QuickSwitch Textbook Migration System

The new QuickSwitch system from Bovée & Thill tackles the challenge of switching business communication textbooks with a unique set of tools that reduce the time and energy it takes to adapt your teaching materials to a new text.

This exclusive system, developed by the authors, makes it easy to identify the best Bovée & Thill textbook for your business communication course and then quickly build your syllabus and lesson plans.

QuickSwitch works at three levels:

* Advice on choosing the right Bovée & Thill book for your course and a detailed transition guide to simplify migration from your current text

* A Syllabus Assistant to help you create or adapt a syllabus based on the Bovée & Thill book you have chosen

* And a Lesson Plan Assistant to help you develop lesson plans based on your new book

Here’s a closer look at the how the process works.

After you register, you start by selecting your current text from a drop-down menu to get a comprehensive transition guide to help you choose the best Bovée & Thill text for your course and migrate your existing course materials to your new text.

These Transition Guides include

* High-level mapping that shows how the table of contents of your current text maps to the Bovée & Thill book you've chosen

* Detailed content mapping that shows where to find comparable content sections from your current book in the Bovée & Thill book you've chosen.

* A terminology translator that explains any differences in how the two books use important terms

* Activity mapping that shows where to find comparable assignments and other student projects; the guide also highlights new material and activities available in the Bovée & Thill book that your current book doesn’t offer

If your current text isn’t available, please contact us through this webpage. Note that you can still take advantage of the Syllabus Assistant and Lesson Plan Assistant, even if a Transition Guide isn’t currently available for your text.

At any point in the process or whenever you need them during your course, you can download a selection of lesson plan foundations customized for your chosen text.

These lesson plan foundations provide core materials that you can integrate into an existing lesson plan or use to build a new plan. Each foundation covers roughly a week’s worth of subject matter, which you can adapt to your course schedule, teaching style, and other individual requirements.

When you’re ready to make your move, visit the QuickSwitch and register for access.

The system is free to use for any instructor who has adopted or committed to adopt any of the three Bovée & Thill texts.

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